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You Need a Hot Tub!

Investing in a hot tub is also investing in Your Health and Wellness.

Bullfrog Spas are different than any other spa on the planet as they are designed to personally service your varying aches, pains and decrease the everyday stresses of life. Feeling great and having more energy is only the beginning of what a Bullfrog Spa can do for you. Bullfrog Spas are powered by JetPaks that have interchangeable jetted seat backs that are designed to fit into any seat in your Bullfrog Spa. The JetPaks may be moved to any seat in the hot tub in under one minute to suit your personal needs. Each JetPak is unique to you and your expectations of wellness and

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It’s not how much you should invest in a hot tub, it’s how much should you invest in you? Customizable and upgradeable hot tubs are not just for the rich and famous… It’s your turn to have a luxurious spa and raise your productivity level by eliminating stress as you soak. A Bullfrog Spa is a  luxurious experience, without a premium price tag.


Why a Bullfrog Spa in the Mountains?

Bullfrog Spas are manufactured in the Salt Lake City, UT area, giving them the upper hand in cold climate engineering. Why would you purchase a spa that has been manufactured/engineered in California, Florida or Mexico and expect it to withstand the extreme climate changes here in Grand County? We experience extreme climate patterns throughout the year, causing leak issues and other spa equipment problems. Just think, your hot tub sits outside in -40 degree weather during the winter months, trying to heat a body of water to 100 degrees or more. It takes extensive engineering!  It’s simple, hot tubs that are designed and engineered in warm climate areas, i.e. California, Florida or Mexico are not engineered to withstand the extreme freeze/thaws that we experience in the Rocky Mountains.


Bullfrog’s “Leak-Guard” design and JetPak plumbing technology prevents plumbing ruptures caused by the  freeze/thaw climate and in return helps prevent leaks. Unlike traditional spas, the plumbing is submerged in the heated body of water itself so if a leak does develop, the water will leak right back into the water and not all over the ground.  Revolutionarily, Bullfrog Spas have 90% less plumbing, therefore 90% less chances of a leak.  This allows Bullfrog to provide the portable hot tub industry’s only true Lifetime Warranty on plumbing.

Can a hot tub really be energy efficient?Hot-Tub-Grand-County-Mountain-Spa-Green-Energy-Efficient

Yes, it can! Bullfrog’s “EnergySave” design insulates the spa completely to prevent heat escape, therefore making the Bullfrog spa the most energy efficient spa in the world. Because the plumbing itself is submerged in the hot water, the heat is recycled within the spa rather than being lost to the cold outside environment.  Every single Bullfrog Spa model meets or exceeds the stringent energy guidelines of California Energy Commission (CEC).

“It’s the only spa that meets California energy initiatives; owners can save a substantial amount of money on electrical bills.” -Dan Machiniak, The Spa Man owner

Hot Tub Installation

The Spa Man believes in the entire package. When you purchase a spa from us, please expect to come home to a spa ready to use. From receiving the spa, to delivering  it to your residence and setting it into place, and hooking it up, to properly filling it with water, we’ve got it taken care of. Weather we need a crane to place your spa or ten people to hoist it over your deck railing, we will organize and coordinate to get the job done. There are no hidden costs as all installation costs will be included and broken down for easy review in your estimate.

There is no deck too high!




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