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Is your spa making a funny noise, not heating or simply have the blues?

With over 5 years of technical experience in the mountains, please allow The Spa Man to take a look at your spa. It is our duty to keep your investment healthy and running like a champ. It seems silly that you would need a hot tub technician who has experience in the mountains, but please allow me explain… the majority of the service calls we get are related to issues caused by the extreme climate changes that the mountain region experiences throughout the year. The plumbing expands, the shell contracts, the fittings rupture, the wood skirt is moldy and occasionally there’s a small rodent that has made its way into the hot tub cabinet to make a nice warm home for the cold season.  So, you see… to properly diagnose your hot tub issue, it is imperative to understand the environment and the climate it’s located in.

A hot tub is a mechanism with very detailed systems. At all times, hot tubs must properly heat, circulate, filter, suction and discharge, etc. Hot tubs can be frustrating when they begin to make a funny noise or are just not running correctly. The good news is that it can be something very simple, the bad news is, it’s most often times not identifiable by the owner. That’s where The Spa Man and our certified hot tub technicians come in. There almost isn’t anything we haven’t seen, heard, tried or diagnosed. We are experts in chemicals, filters, heaters, lights, motors, ozonators, pumps, circuit boards, test kits, topside controls, etc.


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The Spa Man is NSPF Spa Operator CPO Certified®, giving you peace of mind. The Spa Operator CPO Certification requires that we are knowledgeable in all state and local regulations and guidelines, including: water circulation, troubleshooting, filtration, etc. This certification allows us to knowledgably service your spa  while reducing risk and liability. The Spa Operator CPO program is the most widely accepted spa and pool training program in the world.

Spa brands we commonly service include:

  • CalSpas®
  • Sundance Spas®
  • Hot Spring®
  • Beachcomber Hot Tubs®
  • L.A. Spas®
  • Marquis Spas®
  • Tiger River Spas®
  • Master Spas®
  • CalderaSpas®
  • Arctic Spas®
  • Solana Spa®
  • Jacuzzi®


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