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Hot Tub Maintenance Program

The Spa Man is a NSPF Certified Pool-Spa Operator® and why does that matter?Certified Pool Operator Logo

According to the Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Handbook, “Not all organisms are controlled by chlorine and other disinfectants. Crypto can remain active at normal disinfectant levels for several days.” Proper maintenance for water chemistry is not only about adding chemicals. It is imperative that a certified maintenance technician diagnose the waters’ needed chemical treatment and also to determine when it is necessary to drain and refill the water.


You just purchased your first spa, filled it with water and soaked all your stresses away.  What a luxurious experience until after a few weeks, you notice the hot tub water is not sparkling clear anymore, but a cloudy, smelly mess.

What happened you might ask?

All the equipment seems to be working correctly, the filter is clean and the pump comes on as scheduled.  At this point you remember that you must test the water, but you see words like PPM (parts per million), sanitizers, alkalinity, pH and water hardness. These words along with water chemistry would scare anyone.

Please don’t panic!

The Spa Man wants to take care of it all. Call us and schedule to be on our monthly maintenance program. Water chemistry can be intimidating and difficult to understand so leave it to the certified experts.

One thing important to understand as a hot tub owner is that your spa is not a small pool, its management and limitations are much different. The high water temperature of  the hot tub allows far more opportunity for bacteria to grow. And if not properly tested and treated, the water can be responsible for complaints such as rashes, nausea, athletes foot and other skin infections.

Untreated water can also cause damage to the spa surface and equipment. You want to protect your investment and keep it healthy. Properly maintaining your spa can add 3-4 years to the life of your hot tub.

This is not intended to scare you, but to educate and stress the importance of maintaining your spa water. Call The Spa Man today and get your spa on our maintenance route.


  • Customizable on/off season rates
  • Chemicals included
  • Free drain and fill with every new maintenance agreement
  • Service technician always on call


It is extremely important that the hot tub water is maintained before each rental arrival and after departure. It has been researched that for every one hour an individual spends in a hot tub, 8 oz of body soil can be released into the water. Hot tubs at rental properties are much more heavily used, therefore require additional attention.  It can be a liability if one of the renters wakes up with diarrhea,  irritated eyes or anyother serious skin infections. It’s not worth the risk, call us today to begin our maintenance program.

We specialize in custom on/off season rates as we understand that your rental property may rent more often during certain months. We will work with your rental schedule to accommodate how often your spa needs maintained so that you are not paying for what is not needed.

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