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What’s Covering Your Hot Tub Investment?

Spa covers can be a pain, so please allow us to do the work.  With the best prices in the Winter Park and Granby area, we will provide you with a custom hot tub cover that includes measuring, delivery, installation and diposal of your old cover. We are the experts, so please leave the radius, thickness, taper and fold line talk to us. To begin, we will visit your hot tub to take measurements, we will then choose what options best suit your hot tub in its environment. Next, we will order your custom hot tub cover and upon delivery we will dispose of the old cover.  BOOM! Project complete. We also offer wind straps and locking straps to further secure your hot tub cover investment.

Hot Tub Accessories

We install hot tub cover lifters. We recommend that you do not allow your spa cover to rest on the cold sometimes icy ground while you are enjoying a relaxing soak. The hot tub covers often get torn, punctured, water-logged and damaged.  There are different options for hot tub cover lifters, together we will agree on one that fits your spa and its location.

Do you need hot tub steps? We will install new steps for easy access to your spa with a rubber non-slip surface and durable plastic construction. Please call the office for pricing and color options.

If there additional accessories you are interested in, please call the office and we will help you. As there are many more accessories available for hot tubs, i.e. aluminum cover, hot tub cover saver, spa rail, solar light sconce, lock panel surfacing for hot tub installation, spa umbrella, spa table, towel hanger, etc.


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